Competition Winners!

Competition Winners!

The following competition winners have been announced:

Vintage Ale winners
  • Yvonne Maley, East Sussex
  • Geoff Teale, Kent
  • Robert Stratton, Brentford
  • Danny Gazzi, London
  • Paul Gollop, Devon

Rugby Shirt and Beanie Winners
  • Pete Tussler, Somerset
  • Rebecca Challenger, Birmingham
  • Keith Freak, Devon
  • Reg Dixie, London
  • Richard Pinnock, East Sussex

Brewery Tour Winners
  • Richard Curling, London
  • Kevin Sapsford, Surrey
  • Kathryn Burgess, Hertfordshire
  • Alec Rudrum, Bristol
  • Lee McQuade, Twickenham

London Pride Bottle Man
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